Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Police Reports 5/27/2014

On May 27, a male party came into the Police Station to report a stolen bicycle. The man stated that the bike had been locked to a pole on St. Paul Street and was last seen that morning. When the man returned to the spot, the bike was gone and there were no remnants of a destroyed lock.

On May 27, an officer was dispatched to Webster St. for a report of a stolen cell phone. The reporting party stated that while using the bathroom at work, he had left his phone by the sink. When he realized he had left it behind, the man stated that he went back and it was missing.

On May 27, officers were dispatched to Washington St. for a report of an apartment break in. Officers spoke to two of the residents who stated that they noticed that the front door to their apartment was open and damaged. They stated that upon walking through the apartment they noticed that items had been moved and rummaged through. The matter is under investigation.

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