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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Police Reports 10/1-10/3

We are seeing a rash of B&E of MV and the suspects are targeting UNLOCKED vehicles!


B&E of MV: Occurred between  11:00 pm (10/1) and 7:00 am (10/2)- Coolidge St
Victim reported to police that two of their family cars were rummaged through overnight.   Victim reported finding personal items that were previously in the vehicles had been found on neighboring properties.

B&E of MV: Occurred between 7:00 pm (10/1) and 7:00 am (10/2)- Lancaster Terr
Victim reported to police that their car was rummaged through and loose change stolen overnight

Larceny of a Bike: Occurred between 2:30 pm and 2:45 pm (10/1)- Chestnut St
Victim reports to police that their bicycle was taken from the rear of the building.

Burglary: Occurred at 2:04 pm (10/2)- Aspinwall Ave
Police responded to Aspinwall Ave for a report of a Breaking & Entering in process.  Victim reported that they heard noise from the front door.  When he went to go open the door he observed two suspects running down the stairs and took off towards Netherlands Rd.    A second resident of the building stated to police that they heard a knock at the door and when they went to answer, there was no one there.   Suspects were described as  1: Brown jacket with a black hoodie underneath 2: black hoodie over head

LarcenyOccurred between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm (10/2)- Thorndike St
Victim reported to police that a package had been removed from their porch.  Victim stated that they noticed a package in the bushes near their residence with wrapping scattered along the sidewalk.  After investigating the victim noticed that the package was intended for her residence. 

LarcenyOccurred between 6:45 pm (10/1) and 6:30pm (11:35) - Perry St
Police responded to Perry St to take a report of a past larceny.  The victim reported to police that their mailbox (typically fixed to the building) was missing.  At 11:35 pm the same evening the officers returned to Perry St to speak to the same victim regarding vandalism to the property.  The victim stated that parking reflector ribbons that were fixed to the balcony were ripped down. 

B&E of MV: Occurred between 11:00 pm 910/2) and 6:00 am (10/3)- Columbia St
Victim reported to police that his car was rummaged through overnight. 

 Arrest10:04am 10/3- Washington St
Subject with an outstanding warrant came into the station and was placed under arrest. 

 LarcenyOccurred at 10:46am 10/3- Harvard St
Police responded to a report of larceny of gas.  The owner of the gas station stated that a patron pumped gas into their car and drove off the property without paying.

Arrest: Occurred at 2:14 pm 10/03 - Newton St/ Clyde St
Officers conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle that failed to stop for a stop sign.  The operator did not have a license to operate and was placed under arrest for not being duly licensed.

Arrest: Occurred at 5:10 pm 10/3 - Boylston St
Officers conducted a traffic stop on Boylston St for an illegal U-Turn.  The operator was placed under arrest for operating with a suspended license.

Arrest: Occurred at 6:37 pm- Beacon St
Officers conducted a traffic stop on Beacon St that resulted in the arrest of the operator.  Officers found that the vehicle had a license plate attached that was registered to a different vehicle.  The operator was arrested for operating after suspension, attaching wrong plates, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, operating an unregistered motor vehicle and failing to submit for inspection.

Arrest:   Occurred at 11:45 pm 10/3 - Boylston St
Officers conducted a traffic stop for failing to stop for a red light.  During the stop it was found that the vehicle had been reported stolen.  The operator was placed under arrest for receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

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