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Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 14th- 15th

June 14th- 15th


Occurred between 7:52 PM (6/15) and 8:35 PM (6/15) – Beacon Street/ Marion Street

Officers were patrolling the area of Beacon Street when they conducted a traffic stop for an expired registration sticker. Upon investigation officers asked the subject for his license and registration. This is when officers learned that the subject had a Massachusetts license to operate that had been suspended. Along with the suspension of the subject’s license, the vehicle’s registration was revoked as well. The subject was subsequently placed under arrest for operating with a suspended license and registration.

Assault and Battery:

Occurred at 6:51 PM (6/15) – Harvard Street

Officer responded to a report of assault and battery. Upon arrival officers learned that there was a fair at the Devotion school with rides and games being held. Two young teens were on a jumping ride when they were asked to exit the ride. Words were exchanged and a verbal argument ensued. When the teens did not exit the jumper right away the man working the ride grabbed one of the victims by the shoulder and physically removed him from the ride. Both parties were interviewed and officers learned that no medical attention was needed. The subject was advised and summonsed to court for simple assault and battery.

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