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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 26th - 28th


Occurred 9:50PM (3/27) – Park St.

Police attempted to locate a man who had numerous warrants for his arrest for multiple felony charges. One of these charges involved a car crash in which he used a friend’s vehicle. The friend was told by the suspect to file a false police report saying it was stolen. This same friend was also aware of this man’s warrants and was allowing him to stay at her place. Officers went to the apartment and found the suspect trying to escape through a window. He was arrested for the warrants, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The friend was arrested for accessory after the fact, impeding an investigation, and filing a false police report.

Occurred 2:22AM (3/28) – Beacon St.

Police executed a traffic stop for a speeding violation. Upon identifying the driver, officers noticed a strong odor of liquor coming from the driver and the vehicle. After further conversation and observation, officers suspected that the driver was intoxicated. The driver was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, failing to stop at a red light, and speeding. She was also issued a marijuana citation.


Occurred 3:12PM (3/26) – 12 Pleasant St.

Police responded to a report of graffiti. The tag was on top of the front door and was written in a silver marker. Officers noticed some more silver graffiti on windows on a neighboring building. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred 4:39PM (3/26) – Euston St.

Police responded to a report of a suspicious call. The victim stated that she received a phone call from a man who claimed to be calling on behalf of a legal affidavit processing law firm. The man stated that she owed a significant amount of money and if she failed to pay within one hour Federal Agents would come to her house and arrest her. The man also had her social security number. Police are following up on the case.

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 7:00PM (3/26) and 4:00PM (3/28) – Harrison St.

Police responded to a report of malicious damage. The victims stated that they had gone away for the weekend and upon returning home, discovered that a window was broken. The top pane of a window was smashed and a large rock was found on the ground below. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred 5:31PM (3/26) – 82 Boylston St.

Police responded to a report of larceny. The victim stated that her laptop computer had been stolen. The victim reported that a man had entered the store and asked to see a bed for his daughter. After showing the beds, the victim went down to the ground level of the store. She later noticed the man leaving the store holding his abdomen. When she went upstairs she noticed that her laptop computer was missing. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred between 8:00AM and 10:00PM (3/26) – Beacon St.

Police responded to a report of a residential breaking and entering and larceny. The victim stated that when she returned to her apartment after being out all day she found that some of her jewelry was missing. A ring, a tennis bracelet, a white gold chain, and three diamond pendants were stolen. A back window in her apartment was discovered to be unlocked. Police are following up on the case.

Occurred between 8:45PM and 10:10PM (3/26) – Saint Paul St.

Police responded to a report of burglary. The victim stated that when he returned home, his front door was unsecured. A Playstation 3 video console, laptop computer, backpack, and 3 video games were missing. Police are following up on the case.

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