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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 10th

Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle

Occurred between 7:00PM (3/9) and 6:00PM (3/10) – 9 John St.

Police responded to a report of malicious damage to a vehicle. The complainant, the daughter of the vehicle’s owner, stated that the vehicle’s driver’s side window and front windshield were smashed. There was also a key in the ignition that did not belong to that vehicle. Another vehicle in the surrounding area also had the windshield smashed. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred between 5:00PM (3/9) and 10:00AM (3/10) – 1309 Beacon St.

Police responded to a report of a larceny. The victim, a security guard at the Bank of America, stated that he had placed his laptop computer under the desk last night. The following morning, everything appeared to be normal but after leaving the area to help out with parking, the victim returned to find his laptop missing. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred between 9:00AM (2/27) and 8:05AM (3/10) – Martha Lane

Complainant reported that she and her husband were house sitting for a family member when they noticed that a door was unlocked. There were several drawers opened and a lamp was removed and placed onto a bed. Police are following up on the case.

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