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Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2nd-5th Police Reports

July 2nd-5th Police Reports


  • Occurred 2:30(7/1) – 1120 Beacon St.

Victim reported being assaulted by an individual who she was mutual friends with. Victim reported that she had been in an argument with the suspect who had driven away with her car after having assaulted her. Victim located her car with the help of a friend. A stolen vehicle report was filed and a request was made to issue a warrant for suspect’s arrest.

  • Occurred 2:18(7/4) – 70 Pearl St.

Police responded to a call regarding a dispute between three males. Police stopped a vehicle that held the two suspects described by the caller. Caller reported that she had observed the two male suspects involved in a physical altercation with a third party. Caller stated that the third individual had walked away after the altercation. The two were yelling random stuff at the passing third party while they were driving. The two suspects reported that they didn’t know who the third individual was. Police are following up on the case.

Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred 8:31(7/3) – 72 Goodnough Rd.

Victim reported that his brown leather shoulder bag had been taken from his van. Victim reported that the bag contained his personal papers. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 12:00(7/5) and 2:24(7/5) – 224 Walnut St.

Victim reported that her passenger side window of her car had been smashed. Victim reported that her neighbor had called the police when having noticed the broken window. Victim stated that nothing had been taken from the vehicle. Police canvassed the area for other vehicles that may have been damaged.


  • Occurred between 6:30(7/4) and 2:20(7/5) – 64 Francis St.

Victim reported having returned home and finding her desktop computer and monitor missing. Victim didn’t notice any forced entry. Upon further investigation victim found that his laptop and hard drive were also missing. Police suspect that access may have been gained through the kitchen window. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred 11:20(7/2) - 1356 Beacon St.

Victim reported graffiti on the exterior wall of his building. Victim pointed out three separate spots that had been marked. Police are following up with the case.

  • Occurred 10:48(7/3) – 289 Harvard St.

Police were called to a Qdoba Restaurant for a report of graffiti by an employee. Victim reported that he had discovered the graffiti during his routine check of the building. Police were directed to the rear of the building where the graffiti had been found. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred 5:34(7/2) – 34-A Park St.

Police reported to the home of an individual that reported she was a victim of an internet scam. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred 5:54(7/2) – 33 Kent St. (7)

Victim reported of an individual having tried to do a change of address under his Bank of America account. Victim gave police the new intended address, from Georgia, for the account. Victim canceled his credit cards and changed his account information. Victim’s wife reported having her wallet being stolen few months ago. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred 2:18(7/2) – 1302 Beacon St.

Victim reported of a white female suspect that stole a sweater from his store. Victim reported that she had seen the female take the sweater and had asked her to return it once she had walked out. Suspect returned the sweater to the victim.

  • Occurred 3:49(7/2) – 299 Harvard St.

Police were dispatched to a scene at Panera Bread where a victim reported her purse was missing. Victim stated that she had observed a man walk around her table twice before she noticed her purse was gone. Victim described the suspect as a black male with a green jacket and a baseball hat. A customer from the store reported having seen the black male sitting directly behind the victim and had been reaching down behind his chair where the purse was located. Police were given the security tape from the store. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred 1:30(7/3) – 144 Boylston St.

Victim noticed that his GPS device was missing when having arrived to work. Victim viewed the tape from the surveillance system in the store and saw that his delivery person had taken the device from his desk drawer. Police are in the process of retrieving the video footage.

  • Occurred between 10:30(7/3) and 11:45(7/3) – 285 Harvard St.

Victim reported that her purse had been stolen while having coffee. Victim stated the she had placed the purse behind her. Customers in the store reported a suspicious black male that had been sitting behind the victim. Customers stated that the suspect had been moving to different tables without placing an order and then had left. Victim cancelled her credit cards. Police were made aware of a purchase that had been made at a gas station. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred 5:25(7/3) – 1309 Beacon St.

Police received a call from a store that reported a black female having shoplifted a pair of jeans. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 6:20(7/3) and 6:27(7/3) – 299 Cypress St.

Victim reported his bike having been stolen from his driveway. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 10:00(7/1) and 4:30(7/4) – 0 Larz Anderson Garden

Victim reported stolen vegetables from a given plot of land by the town. Victim reported having returned to harvest a few of her vegetable plants that she had been growing and noticed them missing. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred 5:30(7/5) – 302 Harvard St.

Police were called to a clothing store where the loss prevention employee had observed a suspect stealing a pair of socks. The employee took the suspect into his office and called the police. Suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting and advised of a no trespass order for the store.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred 3:50(7/4) – 1024 Beacon St.

Police were called to a scene of a liquor store where a window had been broken. Store owner had been called on scene and reported that beer bottles from the display had been missing. A few of the display bottles had been shattered. Police are following up on the case.

Suspended License

  • Occurred 9:47(7/4) – Davis Av/White Pl.

Suspect was stopped due to having come close to causing a collision with a police cruiser. Driver provided registration of the vehicle but was unable to provide a license. Police ran the New York license number that the driver provided and the result came back as suspended. Suspect was arrested fro not being duly licensed and failing to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles.


  • Occurred 4:289(7/2) – 1322 Beacon St.

Police were dispatched to a site where a suspect had been recognized as a person who was responsible for a previous larceny. Police stopped the victim and informed him why he was being questioned. Suspect was placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant.

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