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Friday, September 5, 2008

Re: September 4th Police Reports

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (9/03) and 8:52AM (9/04) – 676 Washington St

Victim reported that upon returning to her vehicle she observed that her rear window had been smashed. Nothing appeared to be missing.


  • Occurred between 7:00AM (8/01) and 12:00AM (8/13) – 165 Longwood Ave

Reporting party states that she was house sitting her friend’s home and when she went to check on the house she observed that the first floor, side room door was open. She observed that a bag containing two boxes of creams/lotions valued each at $300 was missing. Further investigation also revealed that the computer in this room was malfunctioning.


  • Occurred at 2:06AM (9/04) – Freeman St

Police were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival police meet the victim who stated that she and her boyfriend were engaged in an argument, during which he slammed a door closed on her fingers. He was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

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