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Monday, December 17, 2007

December 14th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 2PM (12/13) and 8:45AM (12/14) - 241 Washington Street

Police responded to Kunevich & Lau Insurance Agency and upon arrival observed the front door of the establishment had been pried open and it was reported that a cashbox containing about $20 in loose change was stolen.


  • Occurred between 6:20PM and 8:30PM (12/14)- 96 St Paul Street

Victim reported that she received two packages that were left in foyer of her building, however when the victim returned a short time later to retrieve the items they were gone. The two items reported stolen were a Sony radio valued at $200 and a Poland springs water dispenser valued at approximately $200

Attempted Larceny

  • Occurred at 11:46AM (12/14) - Hawthorn Road

Victim reported that she observed several men drive a pick-up truck into her drive in an attempt to steal her snow blower once she confronted the suspects they fled, they were described as two Hispanic males, one of them with a full beard victim also reported that the suspects were driving a red Dodge pickup truck.


  • Occurred between 8AM (12/05) and 4PM (12/10)

Victim reported that after posting an ad to sublet his apartment on Craigslist he was contacted by a man who sent the victim several cashiers checks and in return the victim deposited the false checks into his account in order to send a portion of the check back to the suspect; essentially loaning his own money until the cashiers check cleared. However when it was discovered the checks were fraudulent the victim realized the scam, the amount of total loss is estimated at $4400.

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