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Friday, July 27, 2007

July 26th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 11:16AM (7/26)- 76 Buckminster Road

Ioannis Triantafyllou was arrested and charged with, Failure to Display a front License Plate, Operating without a License, and Speeding.

Officers on detail noticed a suspicious dark van traveling at a higher rate of speed than the posted limit. This vehicle also lacked a front license plate. Upon stopping the vehicle it was learned that the driver Triantafyllou did not have a license to operate in Massachusetts. He was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred between 11:05AM (3/27) and 11:05AM (7/11)- 19 Harvard Street

Officers responded to a call of a past larceny. The victim explained that an unknown suspect stole $230 from an envelope in the manager’s office. The employees noticed the money missing when they did routine inventory checks of the cabinets.

  • Occurred between 11AM and 1PM (7/26)- 1 Brookline Place

A man who claimed to be from the maintenance department gained entry into the victim’s office and stole her wallet from her purse. There were $500 worth of fraudulent purchases charged to her bank card soon after it was stolen.

Stolen Bike

  • Occurred between 10PM (7/18) and 5PM (7/25)- 32 Harvard Avenue

Sometime over a week period the victim’s bike was stolen from her basement storage area. The bike was a green Crossroads Hybrid and was valued at around $200.There are no suspects at this time.

  • Occurred between 7:05PM and 7:20PM (7/26)- 155 Harvard Street

Employee at Stop and Shop noticed a man cutting a bicycle chain from the rack outside and then ride the bike away. The bikes owner described the bike as a blue Cannondale valued at $200


  • Occurred between 4:30PM (6/24) and 4:30PM (7/09)-30 Gibbs Street

Victim reported he had just received a credit card bill for fraudulent charges totaling $1754.86. The man did not make these purchases and immediately cancelled his credit card.

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