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Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 24th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 2:20AM (7/24) - 526 Harvard Street

Rodolfo Roman was arrested and charged with operating while under the influence of alcohol, operating to endanger, operating without a license, and other traffic offenses.

Officer responded to a vehicle which appeared incapacitated and was on the sidewalk. When police arrived they learned the driver Rodolfo Roman had been unconscious and slumped over the driving wheel. After being removed from the vehicle in an effort to ensure his safety Roman awoke. After a short amount of time Roman was determined to have been operating while under the influence of alcohol, and was subsequently arrested. The officers while conducting a search, found an open empty bottle of tequila under the driver’s seat.


  • Occurred between 11:31PM (7/18) and 8:43PM (7/19)-1661 Beacon Street

Victim reported that he received many fraudulent charges on his debit card. The man reported he has no idea how someone would have got that information.


  • Occurred between 2:30PM and 3PM (7/24) - 310 Harvard Street

Victim went to workout at the gym when he left his wallet in his locker. The locker was unlocked and when the victim returned his wallet was gone. The wallet contained about $60 cash and other various cards.

Stolen Bikes

  • Occurred between 2:45PM (6/24) and 2:45PM (7/24) - 34 Harvard Avenue

Victim reports that while his bike was locked up in the basement storage his bike tires were stolen. The bike was also bent at the frame from the suspect trying to yank the bike from the pole where it was secured. The bike had last been seen in mid June and the costthis item is unknown.

  • Occurred between 10PM (7/23) and 6PM (7/24)- 87 Centre Street

Victim stated he last saw his bike on a bike rack with a secure wire lock attached to it. The bike and the lock were gone the next morning. The value of the bike is unknown.


  • Occurred at 11:40PM (7/24)- 227 Mason Terrace

A Brookline High School student was the victim of an attempted robbery as he walked back to his home. An orange sports sedan pulled up to the victim and asked to use his cell phone. Without responding a white male who was in his 20’s with a blonde buzz hair cut exited the vehicle approaching the suspect and began giving him a number to dial. Sensing the suspiciousness of this activity the victim then proceeded to walk away. It was at that point he was repeatedly punched in the face by the white male in an attempt to steal the victim’s phone. The victim fell to the ground but did not relinquish control of the phone. The white suspect then got back into the car and drove away with the other four males occupying the vehicle. The victim had no prior relation with these individuals.

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