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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 23rd Police Reports


  • Occurred at 8:57AM (7/23)- 687 Washington Street

Damon Downing was arrested and charged with Operating with an Expired License, providing false information to a Police Officer, and a marked lanes violation.

Officer noticed a vehicle making a lane violation. Upon pulling the vehicle over the driver gave false names to police and it was later learned his real name was Damon Downing. Downing had an expired license, and was subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred between 4:45PM and 5:20PM (7/23)-Longwood Avenue/Harvard Street

Carlos Quinones was arrested and charged with Operating after Suspension, and taking an illegal left turn.

Police pulled a vehicle over after officers observed the driver take an illegal left turn. After violating the posted sign it was learned that the driver also had a suspended license. He was then arrested.

Breaking and Entering

  • Occurred between 1:30PM (7/21) and 10:20AM (7/22)- 67 Harvard Street

Sometime overnight the St. Mary’s school was broken into and $300 was taken from one of the offices. Victim reports that an envelope with $300 was taken from her locked file cabinet, the keys to which were in her unlocked desk drawer. The office was locked and the victim believes the suspect had the key to the office, as well as knew where to look for the envelope.

  • Occurred between 6Pm (7/16) and 11:19PM (7/23)- 27 Chestnut Street

Victim reports that someone had gained entry into his home without force sometime while he was on vacation. The suspect went to the son’s room and stole an Ipod and Ipod speakers from the residence. The value of these items is around $400


Occurred between 10:28AM and 11:50AM (7/23) - 205 Rawson Road

Victim reported that she and her roommate got into an argument where he claimed to have a gun. Further investigation by police yielded that witnesses heard nothing about a gun. Victim was advised of her right under the abuse statue and advised she was able to get a restraining order. Resolution as of this point leads towards the victim moving out.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (7/21) and 7:30AM (7/22) - 210 Harvard Street

Victim at the United Parish Church reported that sometime over the weekend glass from one of the windows was broken. It is not clear how the window was shattered; the value of the window is around $300.


  • Occurred between 4PM and 5PM (7/23)-2 Brookline Place

Victim reports that her bag was stolen in a one hour period from the second floor of her work place. The bag contained around $20 and several different bank cards.

  • Occurred between 6:50PM and 7:35PM (7/23)- 461 Washington Street

Victim reports her car window was smashed and her GPS navigation system missing.

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