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Friday, May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

Monday May 10, 2021

SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to a report of shoplifting on Beacon St. at around 8:30 AM where there was a description given about the suspect. Officers observed a male matching the description and found that they were familiar with the subject. Upon speaking with the store manager, it was shared that the subject walked into the store, place several items inside their shopping bags and left the store without paying for the items. The subject was being uncooperative during interaction with police officers and was placed under arrest.

BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to St. Paul St. for a bike theft report. The victim shared that their tandem bike had been stolen from a shared garage at the residence. They also shared that there are other tenants with access to the building and there is no public access to the garage. There are no security cameras in the building.

PACKAGE THEFT - Officers responded to Beacon St. for a package theft report where the victim shared that they received a notification that their package was delivered. The victim arrived home to see that their packages were opened and items were missing. Officers are currently trying to obtain surveillance footage from the building's property manager. 

Tuesday May 11, 2021

LARCENY - Officers received a call for a past larceny report on Clark Rd. where the reporting party shared that several items of jewelry has gone missing in the past few months. The party shared that they suspect it to be someone with access to their home, either a cleaner or a contractor. The items are insured and their insurance company advised them to file a police report.

FRAUD - Officers responded to Beacon St. for a fraud report where the reporting party shared that a "representative" from PayPal called them claiming that there's fraudulent activity in their account. The caller advised that the party needed to share pertinent information in order to resolve the fraudulent activity. After the party did so, they noticed unauthorized transactions on their PayPal account. The person contacted their banker and police. 

FRAUD - Officers took a report of fraud where the victim shared that they were selling items on Craigslist and after the person shipped the items, the receiving party was not satisfied with the items and received a refund. The receiving party did not return all of the items, causing the reporting party to contact police.

BREAKING AND ENTERING - Officers responded to a past motor vehicle break in on Beacon Street. where the reporting party shared that when they returned to their parked vehicle, they saw that it was rummaged through and the front passenger door was ajar. Officers are currently receiving camera footage from a near by building.

ATTEMPTED LARCENY - Officers responded to Beacon St. for a report of larceny, where the reporting party shared that they witnessed someone attempt to steal items from a package. The suspect walked into the building and proceeded to open a box in the vestibule. The suspect was confronted by the reporting party and put the items back. Detectives are currently working with video surveillance of the incident in order to identify the suspect.

BREAKING AND ENTERING - Officers responded to a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Beacon St. The victim stated that their car was parked in the rear parking lot of the building. The victim returned to their car in the morning and saw that their wallet was taken from their center console. Officers advised the victim to contact their banker and surveillance footage is currently being obtained from the building nearby.

Wednesday May 13, 2021

BICYCLE THEFT - Officers responded to a stolen bicycle report on Beacon St. where the reporting party shared that their bike was stolen from their backyard. The victim shared footage of the incident since they had cameras in the rear of their building. Detectives are following up with a description of the suspect.

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