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Monday, January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021


1/22/2021 MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT – Officers responded to a report for motor vehicle theft. The reporting party relayed that a subject renting a truck from them never returned the truck. Officers got in contact with the subject and they stated that the truck was left in a parking garage in Boston. Upon not finding the truck, officers notified the subject that they would be charged if they did not find the vehicle.

1/22/2021 HIT & RUN – Officers took report of a hit and run where the victim relayed that while in their parked car, a truck that was turning made contact with their rear passenger door and adjacent driver door. The victim tried to get the driver’s attention but the truck took off from the scene. Officers were able to get in contact with the driver, and they were adamant about not being in Brookline at the time of the incident. Further investigation is in progress.

1/22/2021 FRAUD BY CHECK – Officers took a report where the reporting party stated their family member was a victim of fraud. They discovered that a check written out to another party had been modified. The amount of the check was altered to a greater amount. The bank manager was notified and further investigation is in progress. 

1/22/2021 BREAK AND ENTER AND LARCENY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - Officers responded to two reports of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Green St. Both victims had items stolen from their vehicles. 

1/22/2021 THREATS VIA EMAIL – The reporting party came to the station to report that they had received a threatening email where the sender claimed to be a hitman and demanded money. Officers responded by requesting a subpoena for the email address in order to identify the sender.

1/22/2021 BIKE THEFT – Officers responded to a two bicycle thefts on Beacon St.


1/24/2021 SHOPLIFTING – Officers responded to a report for shoplifting at CVS on Harvard St. When confronted, the suspect ran to their car and left the scene.

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