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Monday, November 16, 2020


 Between 11/12/2020- and 11/15/2020 officers took 33 reports for Unemployment Fraud.

11/12/2020- Officers took a graffiti report for damage done to a town owned street sign.

11/13/2020- Offices took a report for a break and enter of a motor vehicle on Boylston St.  The victim reported to the officers that their vehicle had been parked in a lot on Boylston St.  When they went to retrieve their vehicle, they found it had been rummaged though and multiple items removed.

11/13/2020- Officers took a package theft report from a resident of Babcock St.  The resident reported to the officers that they received a delivered notification on a package they were waiting for. When they went to retrieve the package they found it was gone.

11/14/2020- Officers were called to CVS on Harvard St for a report of a shoplifting.  The employees informed officers that there was a customer in the store who had been attempting to shoplift from the store. 

11/14/2020- Officers took a report for a larceny from Center St.  The victim reported that they were dropping someone off on Centre St.  While helping the individual into their house, someone took items from their car.

11/15/2020- Officers took a shoplifting report from Target on Commonwealth Ave.   The employees reported to officers that a customer had been in the store earlier in the week and had placed multiple items in a back pack and left the store without purchasing.

11/15/2020- Officers took a larceny report from a business on Harvard St.  Employees reported coming into the business and found that items within the office were out of place and multiple items were missing.

11/15/2020- While investigating a shoplifting case at Target on Commonwealth Ave.  Officer identified two individuals who were attempting to leave the store without purchasing items.  Both parties were placed under arrest for multiple charges, including Shoplifting.  

11/15/2020- Officers took a report for a break and enter of a motor vehicle on Dummer St.   The resident reported that their car had been parked in the garage on Dummer St.  When they returned to the car they found that it had been rummaged through and multiple items had been removed.


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