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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Tuesday, November 20th

10:41AM- A larceny report was taken for a stolen cell phone.  A parent reported their child’s phone had been stolen on 11/14.  The reporting party stated his son was in class on 11/14 from 2:10PM to 2:55PM.  The cellphone was in the pocket of his jacket at the start of class.  When he returned to it at the end of class he noticed the phone was missing.  This case is under investigation.

12:15PM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The stores assistant manager reported around 12:10PM an unknown male in his late forties to early fifties wearing dark pants, a dark hooded sweatshirt and a shoulder bag entered the store and went to the soap isle.  The individual began placing multiple bottles of body wash into his bag.  The assistant manager confronted the individual.  The suspect apologized, returned the items and fled the store.  In the last two weeks there have been two other separate shoplifting incidents involving larcenies of the same type of body wash.  The store manager confirmed the suspect in this incident is not the same as the suspect from the previous incidents.  This case is being investigated.

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