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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Thursday, August 30th

11:50 AM- A report was made on Gibbs Street for a larceny.  The complainant told an officer she was out of town from 7/18/18 to 7/23/18.  She believes her wedding ring was stolen from her bedroom.  She was in a hurry to leave for the trip and forgot the ring.  A friend was tending to her pets while she was away.  There is reason to believe the person tending to the pets is a suspect due to a past larceny on a separate occasion when the same person was pet sitting.  At one point during the trip the pet sitter brought company along with him to the residence.  The complainant reached out to the individual caretaking for the pets and the accompanying girlfriend.  They denied knowledge of the rings whereabouts.  This case is being investigated.

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