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Monday, May 7, 2018

5/4 through 5/6


4:24 AM - An officer responded to Beals St for a larceny report early Friday morning. The victim stated that he had gone to bed and woke up to notice his wallet was open and bank card was missing from his desk. The victim was advised to cancel the card while this case is investigated.

9:35 AM - An officer was dispatched to take a report of a past larceny from a motor vehicle on Euston St. Upon meeting with the victim, she stated that she had left her vehicle unlocked the night prior and returned this morning to find her center console open, rummaged through and missing a bag of quarters.

4:40 PM - An officer responded to Wallis Rd for a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he noticed his car hood was ajar this morning. He then saw that his battery was detached from the cables, disabling power to the vehicle and that both of the vehicle's mirrors were also stolen.


11:20 AM - An officer responded to Commonwealth Ave for a past shoplifting. Upon arrival he met with the store manager who said 2 suspects had entered the store, concealing several cosmetic items in a bag before exiting without paying. A follow-up was requested.

1:00 PM - An officer took a report of a past larceny on Crafts Rd on Saturday where the victim stated her medication was stolen from her residence. This incident is being investigated.


3:23 AM - Units were dispatched to Webster St for a call of larceny. Officers spoke with a witness who stated that he observed an individual behind a desk of the property before fleeing, dropping money as he ran onto the street. Surveillance has been requested as Brookline PD continues with their investigation.

10:03 AM - An officer took a report of a car break and attempted house break on Winslow Rd, Sunday morning. The victims stated that their house alarm had gone off in the early hours that morning where they found one of their doors ajar. They didn't think much of it, as they suspected that the wind had blown it ajar. Upon waking up around 9:00 AM, they looked out their window to see items strewn about the ground near their motor vehicles in their driveway. Both the attempted burglar and car break are under investigation.

10:03 AM - A resident on Winslow Rd approached the officer finishing up the case detailed above stating that her vehicle had been broken into. The victim stated that items within the vehicle had been strewn about, however nothing had been stolen.

10:03 AM - After finishing up the prior two reports, the same officer was approached by another neighbor from Babcock Rd. who stated that 2 cars her family owned had been broken into, as well. She had found items, from both vehicles, strewn about and also found on the ground. Only some change, glasses and a tool were stolen from both of the vehicles broken into. This string of car breaks are active and under investigation.

12:16 PM - An officer was dispatched to the lobby to meet with a victim who had a piece of jewelry stolen from him. While walking on the street, he had been coaxed towards a vehicle that was requesting assistance. After helping the occupants with what they needed, they handed him jewelry as a way of thanking the victim for his help. Upon doing so, one suspect offered him a necklace, stating that it was part of their culture to do so, placing the necklace on the victim. The suspect thanked him again, before all within the vehicle drove away. While the victim was walking home, he noticed that his own necklace was missing. After looking around his residence, the victim was unable to locate it and reported the incident to Police. The items gifted to the victim were taken as evidence. A follow-up has been requested.

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