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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tuesday, April 24th


During the early hours of Tuesday morning, officers observed a vehicle driving down the wrong direction on Heath St. When attempting to conduct a traffic stop, the operator of the vehicle immediately accelerated, leading officers to turn on their emergency overhead lights and pursue the suspect towards Warren St. Officers continued to follow this vehicle as it failed to stop at a stop sign and traveled through a solid red light at Heath/Lee St, turning left towards Boylston St. The operator of the vehicle continued to run red lights as they fled from Brookline PD. The reckless driver then negligently ran a red light at the intersection of Chestnut Hill Ave/Beacon St. where several cars with the right of way were attempting to travel towards Commonwealth Ave.

Due to dangerous and reckless driving conditions on behalf of the suspect, the pursuit was stopped to ensure the safety of those driving in the area at this time. Officers were able to find the motor vehicle in question in the area of Strathmore Rd, where the suspect jumped out of his vehicle, now fleeing on-foot. Brookline PD began running in the direction of the suspect, continuously identifying themselves as Police Officers and commanding him to stop.

At this time, additional officers arrived on scene to assist, allowing an officer within the original pursuit to find the suspect's location.

Officers observed many items outside of the vehicle the suspect was driving. A Massachusetts Driver's License was found among these items and was traced back to a party who was not at all involved in the motor vehicle pursuit. All items found belonged to the aforementioned unrelated party, including the motor vehicle the suspect was driving.

The suspect, a 37 year-old Newton resident, was charged with multiple moving violations in addition to Receiving Stolen Property - Motor Vehicle, Failure to Stop for Police Officer and Operating to Endanger. All property stolen belonging to the owner of the vehicle was returned.

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