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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7th


An officer responded to Juniper St. for a report of a past larceny on Wednesday morning. The reporting person stated that their son’s boots were taken from a shared hallway earlier that morning. They were last seen on the evening of February 4th. At that time, nothing else appeared to be missing outside of the other apartments within the building.

On Wednesday morning, an officer was dispatched to Sears Rd. for a report of a past larceny. The victim stated that over the past few months, she had begun noticing several items missing from her home. As she had continued to search for the various items, the victim began noticing even more of her property that could not be located. Police are investigating.

Around 11 o’clock in the morning, an officer arrived to a residence on Kent St. to tend to a report of past package thefts. The victim stated that over the past month, he had ordered and not received packages on several separate occasions. A recent delivery confirmation to his residence with no signs of the package prompted the victim to go through his prior, unreceived, purchases. At this point he concluded that they, too, must have been stolen from his residence. A follow-up has been requested.

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