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Wednesday, October 18, 2017



An officer in the area of Beacon and Harvard Streets was notified that a known party with two active warrants was in the area. Based upon the man’s description, the officer was able to locate the man, confirm his identity and warrants, and place the man under arrest.

In the evening of October 16, officers were dispatched to the area of Lawton and Thorndike Streets for a report of an assault and battery. The victim stated that he had been sitting in his vehicle on Lawton St. when he noticed someone walk by on the sidewalk. The victim then stated that he was pulled to the ground from the driver’s side door by an unknown male party. The suspect then began to attack the victim while screaming “why did you do this to me.” The victim stated that the suspect then stopped, ran towards the intersection and began to charge back when he was able to enter his vehicle and lock the doors. The suspect was reported to have fled towards Commonwealth Ave. The suspect is described as a young Hispanic male, thin build, with facial hair and wavy hair pulled pack. The incident is under investigation.


At approximately 3:20am, an officer observed a male party riding a bike from Powell St. onto Browne St. with only a flashing rear light. The officer followed the man onto Browne St. where he emerged from a driveway and appeared to re-place his backpack onto his back. At this time the officer attempted to conduct a field interview. The male party acted hostile and began riding away from the officer after being identified. Based upon this suspicious activity, the officer requested additional units to canvas the area. Officers lost sight of the male party on Longwood Ave. but later discovered many discarded items near the Lawrence School Playground. Items included those suggesting that the party was attempting to break into cars. The incident is being investigated.

While conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Independence Drive, an officer observed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. The officer conducted a traffic stop and found that the driver had a suspended license. The driver was placed under arrest.

An officer responded to Hawes St. for a report of a past breaking and entering and larceny from a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that she had parked her vehicle in her driveway the night before and when she returned in the morning it had been ransacked and items were missing. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to Evans Rd. for a report of a suspicious person. The reporting party stated that an unknown female had tried to gain access to her locked basement door. The woman stated that she then confronted the individual who left and headed towards the garage area. Officers located the female in question hiding in the area of the garage. While speaking with officers, the unknown female acted erratically and was unable to answer simple questions but admitted to previous drug use. The woman was transported to the hospital pending investigation and determination of her identity. Officers were later able to identify the woman and found that she had two active warrants in her name. Once discharged the woman was placed under arrest.

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