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Monday, June 12, 2017

6/9 - 6/11

On 6/8/2017 the Brookline Animal Control Unit received a call from a LaGrange Street resident that her neighbor was running a doggy daycare and boarding business.  To have more than four dogs on a property one must obtain a Kennel License from the Board of Health Department. The resident does not have a Kennel License. A visit was conducted to the address on LaGrange Street, but no violations were found. On 6/9/2017 at approximately 10:55 am, an officer and inspector from the Health Department returned to the residence to find five dogs. No one appeared to be home, but a picture was taken and the subject was issued a By Law Citation for a Kennel License Violation.
10:50 am: Officers were dispatched to Cypress Street for a report of a past B&E of a motor vehicle and the larceny of a laptop. The victim had left his vehicle in his driveway the previous evening and when he returned to it the following morning his laptop was missing from his briefcase. There are no known cameras in the area and the individual left with the vehicle before it could be processed by detectives.
2:37 am: Officers responded to a business on Harvard Street for a reported shoplifting. An employee from Loss Prevention stated that she observed the subject take several items and place them in his bag and put on unpurchased clothing. When he attempted to leave the store, the employee approached him and fled on foot. Surveillance footage was reviewed and the individual was identified. This video along with a printed receipt of the stolen items were submitted to evidence. An arrest warrant for Shoplifting was requested.
6:02 pm: Officers responded to an address on John Street for a found property report. The reporting party explained he had found a wallet on Beacon Street on 6/5 or 6/6. The wallet contained a license and Brookline Police Dispatch attempted to reach the owner, a Sharon resident, but he did not answer. The wallet was placed into evidence for safekeeping and the Sharon Police Department was contacted.
6:08 pm: Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Washington and Beacon Street for a two car motor vehicle accident. One vehicle was found to vehicle had right front bumper, fender, and wheel damage while the other was found to have damage to the left front bumper. Both drivers stated they were not injured. The driver of the first vehicle stated he had been travelling north on Washington Street when he was struck by a vehicle exiting a driveway. The driver of the second vehicle stated that while she was exiting her driveway and stopped, she observed a vehicle run a red light and crashed into her vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle was found to not have a license and was issued a citation for Operating a Motor vehicle Without a License. His vehicle was towed. The driver of the second vehicle received a citation for Failing to Yield to oncoming traffic while exiting or emerging from a driveway.
 6:20 pm: An officer was flagged down by a citizen who stated that there was a motor vehicle accident on Washington Street. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the first operator who stated she was moving over to the right side of the road to let a firetruck pass. She then entered traffic and came into contact with a vehicle travelling north on Washington and then a parked vehicle. The operator that had been travelling north on Washington Street stated that the first operator was leaving a parking spot when the vehicle made contact with her vehicle. All vehicles were released to their registered owners.

2:00 am: While conducting traffic enforcement at the intersection of Amory and Freeman Street, an officer observed a driver operating an Uber fail to stop at a stop sign. A traffic stop was conducted during which the driver provided valid registration and a Brazilian license and passport. Due to the date of the visa in the passport, the driver’s right to operate with his license had expired and he does not have a United States driver’s license. He was informed as to why he could not operate a motor vehicle and he contacted his friend to take possession of his vehicle. He was issued citations for Failure to Stop and Not Duly Licensed.
8:46 am: An officer was dispatched to Colchester Street for a report of a past B&E of a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the reporting party explained that on 6/7 he had parked his vehicle in his driveway and left it unlocked. On 6/10 the reporting party returned to his vehicle and noticed the covering of the vehicle’s radio and maps that had been in the driver’s side door were missing. The previous day, maps had been seen on a neighbor’s lawn and these were found to belong to the reporting party. Upon inquiry, it was found that the property does not have cameras. Due to the passage of time, evidence being exposed to weather, and the vehicle being handled by the owner, the vehicle was determined not viable for processing.
1:33 pm: A case of credit card fraud was reported to the Brookline Police Department. The reporting party stated she noticed multiple fraudulent charges on her credit card in two countries. She had immediately contacted her bank and cancelled the account. She was advised to contact all major credit bureaus to report the fraudulent activity on her account.
4:22 pm: A resident came into the station to report that some of his prescription medication was missing. He stated that the medication was in his bedroom and took the medication. He explained multiple people had been in his home in the past few weeks and the room is normally unsecured.
7:12 pm: When dispatched to a fire alarm, an officer got into her cruiser, backed up, and bumped into an unoccupied motorcycle that had been behind the cruiser. The officer left her cruiser and found the bike was still standing and only looked to be closer to the ground. Some damage to the right side bumper of the cruiser was observed as well. A passerby who witnessed the accident called to the owner who came back to the scene. After assessing the damage, he stated that the kickstand may be bent, but there was no other damage to the bike. The owner was cooperative and the two entered the station to exchange information. The owner of the motorcycle was advised on how to contact his insurance company and file a report online.
11:42 pm: Officers responded to an address on Crowninshield Rd for a residential alarm. A neighbor who had been walking by the residence had heard the alarm and contacted dispatch. The alarm company had called as well. The neighbor stated it looked like no one was home and he may have seen what was a flashlight in the backyard. Officers observed a small fist sized hole in a pane of window glass adjacent to the front door. The homeowners were unable to be contacted. From the outside it did not look like entry into the residence was made. Surveillance cameras were observed on the outside of a neighboring house. Officers did not observe any suspicious activity in the area.

1:05 am: A party reported a case of fraud and a phone scam to the front lobby of the police station. The reporting party, an Uber driver, stated he received a call from a number claiming to be an Uber manager informing him he would be receiving a bonus. He was told to complete a series of steps and the individual did so. He stated that a short while later he noticed money was missing from his Uber account, was not transferred to his bank account, and he did not receive a bonus. The reporting party was advised to contact Uber and his bank to inform them his account may be compromised. He was also advised to contact major credit card bureaus to report fraudulent charges on his account.
9:37 am: An individual provided a wallet to the front desk of the police station. He stated he had found the wallet on Harvard Street. The wallet contained an ID, but the owner could not be contacted. The wallet was placed into evidence for safe keeping.
5:18 pm:  Officers responded to a radio call for a Hit and Run Accident in a parking lot on Harvard Street. Upon arrival, the driver stated she was properly parked in a designated parking spot when she felt her vehicle shake. She saw she had been hit by another vehicle and got out of her vehicle expecting the other operator to stop and exchange information, but instead they fled the scene. Officers observed damage to the rear right side bumper of the vehicle. A follow-up investigation has been requested to see if there is any security surveillance footage of the accident or suspect vehicle.
6:30 pm: An officer was dispatched to an address on Goodard Ave for a graffiti complaint. Graffiti was observed on the driveway’s front wooden gate and the front screen door and interior wooden door of the victim’s guest house. The guesthouse was occupied at the time and the individual stated she believed the incident took place over night on 6/7 to 6/8. The resident does not have any form of security surveillance on his property.
10:17 pm: Officers responded to an address on Perry Street for a disturbance. Officers arrived on scene and observed two male parties yelling in assaultive tones. One of the individuals resisted police orders, continued to yell and was eventually placed in handcuffs. He continued to yell and was placed in the cruiser and checked for injuries. Others who were present at the event explained that the individual had been drinking and had become agitated. The two parties then began arguing and it moved from indoors to outside. One of the parties involved stated things did not become physical. The resistant party was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

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