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Thursday, June 15, 2017


12:32 am:  An officer responded to a theft report at a gym on Commonwealth Ave. The reporting party stated that he came to the gym at approximately 10:30 pm on 6/13/17 and placed his wallet in a locker. When he returned to the locker, his wallet was gone. The wallet is described as as a small brown leather card wallet.  The wallet contained a driver’s license, 2 credit cards, a debit card, a Charlie Card, and a Wentworth student ID card. The reporting party stated he saw a man with a white baseball hat that looked suspicious. Two of his cards were found in nearby trash cans.

9:00 am: An officer responded to Boylston St. and Randolph Rd. for a two vehicle traffic crash. One operator stated he stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk when the car behind him crashed into him. The second operator stated that she seen the first vehicle stop for a pedestrian but she could not stop in time, crashing into the vehicle. The second operator was unable to provide a license due to being from out of the country. She was issued a citation for operating without a license and for following too closely. Both vehicles were towed away.

9:12 am - An officer at the front desk was approached by a subject to report that his daughter's bicycle was stolen on 6/12/17.  The reporting party stated the bike was noticed to be missing at 9:30 pm. Officers were in the area for a stolen bike incident, the suspects being 3 dark skinned males in tank top and shorts. The reporting was unsure if the stolen bike in that incident was his daughter’s.

10:33 am: Officers responded to Hackensack Rd. for a reported motor vehicle accident. The reporting party stated that at approximately 8:00 am, A Boston EMS Ambulance operator was travelling on Hackensack Rd. While attempting to move right so that another vehicle could pass, she made contact with a parked motor vehicle. The ambulance suffered minimal damage to the left side. The parked car suffered damage to the driver side mirror and front quarter panel. Both parties exchanged information prior to the officer’s arrival.  Both cars were drivable.

5:25 pm: An officer responded to Boylston St for a report of a 2 car motor vehicle accident.  A State Trooper was on scene stated that the first vehicle was traveling Eastbound on Boylston St. when he came to a stop due to traffic backed up from the Tully St intersection.  A few seconds later the second vehicle struck the first vehicle from behind. The impact caused moderate to severe damage to both vehicles making them inoperable. Both vehicles were towed away and there were no injuries reported.

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