Wednesday, August 3, 2016



10:22am: While on patrol an officer was dispatched to a residence on Pearl Street for a report of a stolen motorized scooter. The victim reported parking her scooter directly in front of her door unsecured for a couple hours.  Once she returned to use the scooter, the victim discovered it was missing.  No surveillance cameras were found in the immediate area.

12:30pm: While assigned to the front desk, an officer was approached by a Brookline resident who wanted to report she was a victim of flim-flam. The victim reported receiving a call from a male subject who claimed he was member of the IRS.  The subject told the victim she owed back taxes in the amount of $3,300.00. The subject stated the problem could be rectified if the victim purchased the amount owed in Apple I-tunes gift cards. The victim purchased the gift cards and gave the codes to the subject. During the ordeal, the victim also spoke with an unidentified female who told the victim she owed an additional $49,000.00 to rectify the situation. The victim told the female subject she would need to speak with her father about the additional money.  After researching the IRS following her conversations, the victim realized the IRS did not operate in this fashion. The victim contacted Apple and froze the gift cards. This matter is still under investigation.


11:13am: While assigned to the front desk, an officer was approached by a Brookline to report he had been a victim of the fraud.  The victim reported he had wire-transferred his bank to another bank account to secure an apartment for rent, which he had found on the internet.  However, the victim found out the apartment was not actually for rent.  He contacted the online company to notify them of the false listing and the officer advised he should contact his bank to freeze the funds. 

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