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Friday, January 17, 2014


Police Reports 1/16/2014

In the early hours of January 16, an officer observed a vehicle travelling on Harvard St. who failed to dim their high beams with the approach of an oncoming vehicle. The officer conducted a traffic stop and the driver was unable to provide his registration, license, or any identification. It was discovered that the driver had provided false information to the officer and a BOP query showed that the driver had a suspended driver’s license and an active straight warrant. The driver was placed under arrest and charged with failure to dim high beams to oncoming traffic, providing false name/DOB to police officers, and operating a MV after license suspension.

On January 16, an officer observed a vehicle on Sherrin Rd. that was running with its parking lights on. The two occupants appeared to be acting suspicious and when they exited the vehicle, the officer approached them and asked for their ID’s. During the interaction, the officer detected an odor of marijuana and nervous behavior. One of the men was found to be carrying marijuana and was cited for possessing less than 1 oz. of marijuana.

On January 16, an officer responded to a report of larceny at a building on Heath Street. A woman spoke to the officer and stated that a wallet had been stolen from a resident’s purse which she keeps in her living room. The same woman had reported her wallet stolen out of her room in December.

On January 16, officers responded to a home on Winslow Rd. for a report of a loud party. Officers spoke to two residents of the home who were underage and entered the home to investigate more underage drinking. Officers witnessed 50-70 people, 3 kegs of beer, multiple bottles of vodka, and a small baggy of marijuana all in plain sight. Both residents were issued Town By Law citations for violating the Town’s Nuisance Ordinance and will be charged with minor in possession of alcohol and disturbing the peace. One of the residents is being cited for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

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