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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Town Employee Arrested

On December 2, 2013, Brookline Police investigators arrested a Town of Brookline employee and charged him with Larceny by Embezzlement. The suspect is scheduled to be arraigned in the Brookline District Court on Wednesday, December 4.  Prior to the suspect’s arrest, he held the position of Administrative Assistant in the Engineering Division of the Town’s Department of Public Works.  Effective December 3, the suspect was placed on administrative leave from his employment with the Town pending a disciplinary hearing. 
The arrest followed an investigation into allegations of the suspect’s involvement in the misappropriation of money received by the Town’s Department of Public Works.  The Town considers the misappropriation of public funds to be an extraordinarily serious offense, and requires strict employee compliance with the state Conflict of Interest law and the Town’s Policy against Fraudulent Conduct, Misappropriation, and Corruption. 
Because the Town’s administrative process and the police investigation remain ongoing, the Town is unable to provide any further comments at this time. 

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