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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Police Reports 7/1-7/2

NSTAR Scams: 7/1- Harvard St.

Two Harvard St. businesses were the targets of scams. In both cases the businesses received fraudulent calls from an individual claiming to be a representative of NSTAR. The individual stated that the business had an outstanding debt on their electricity bill and that their electricity would be shut off if they did not pay by a certain time with a prepaid card.

Sector 1

Shoplifting: 7/1 at 8:32 PM- Harvard St.

A Verizon Wireless employee reported a shoplifting. The employee stated that he discovered a pair of speakers missing from the store’s shelves. The individual stated that all employees were busy with customers at the probable time of the larceny and they did not observe anyone acting suspiciously.

Sector 2

Larceny: Between 6/28 and 6/30- Station St.

An individual reported the larceny of his laptop. The victim stated that his laptop was stolen from an office at his place of employment. The victim believes the larceny occurred during normal business hours, when the front and back doors were open to the public.

Sector 7

Malicious Damage: Between 6/29 and 6/30- Newton St.

An individual reported malicious damage to the front door of the Larz Anderson Aurto Museum. The individual stated that the glass door was intact when she locked up the previous night. However, she returned the next morning to find the door smashed by a rock. There was no entry made into the building.

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