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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Police Reports 8/20 - 8/21

Sector 1
Bike Larceny: Occurred between 8/16 at 12:00m - 8/20 at 12:30pm– Freeman St
Victim reported his bike missing from a bike rack on the Dexter Park property. The lock and chain were also missing. 

Sector 3
Bike Larceny: 8/20 at 4:03pm– Beacon St
Victim stated that his bike was stolen from a locked storage unit located in the basement of his building. 

Sector 4
MV Accident: 8/20 at 12:32pm – Beacon St
Operator of a vehicle was backing into a handicap parking spot and struck a parked motorcycle.

Sector 4
Possession: 8/21 at 1:59am – Pond Ave
Officer observed that the operator of a moped was not wearing a helmet. The operator claimed that he borrowed the moped from his friend. Operator will be issued for Not Duly Licensed, Operating a Moped without a helmet, One-way violation.

Sector 4
Operating After Suspension: 8/20 at 12:25pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle make an illegal U-turn in an area of Harvard Street. A registration check revealed that the operator’s license was suspended. Operator was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspended license and will be cited for making a illegal U-turn.

Sector 4
Warrant/Traffic Violation: 8/20 at 7:40am - Boylston St and High St
Officer stopped a vehicle that went through a red traffic signal. A CJIS check showed that there was a warrant for the operator. Operator was issued a citation for Failing to Stop for a Red Light and placed under arrest for the warrant.

Sector 6
Not Duly Licensed: 8/20 at 10:28am – Boylston St
Officer observed 2 vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed at the same time. Both vehicles were stopped. Operator of vehicle 1 was cited for speeding and the operator of Vehicle 2 was placed under arrest for Not Being Duly Licensed. Officers later discovered marijuana and a ceramic pipe in vehicle 2. Operator of Vehicle 2 will also be issued a Town By Law Violation for Possession of less than 1 oz of Marijuana.

Sector 7
Accident: 8/20 at 4:50pm – Goddard Ave
Operator of a vehicle stated that as he was attempting to avoid contact with an animal, that crossed the road in front of him, he applied his brakes. As he applied his brakes, the rear wheel slide out from under his motorcycle and he fell to his side. Operator was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

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