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Monday, August 20, 2012

Police Reports 8/16 - 8/19

Baby on the Way: 8/16 at 9:58pm – Kenwood Rd
Officers were sent to a medical emergency for a woman having labor pains. Officers arrived to assist the mother, and along with the Brookline Fire Department, in delivering the child at home. Mother and child were transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Pedestrian/Vehicle Accident: 8/19 at 10:40pm – Beacon St
Officers responded for a traffic accident involving a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle. Driver claimed that the pedestrian ran out into the streets in front of his vehicle as he was traveling westbound on Beacon St. Officers arrived on scene to find the pedestrian conscious and breathing, and appearing to have a broken leg. She was takent o the hospital for further medical attention. At this time this crash is still under investigation.

Operating After Revocation: 8/19 at 6:42pm – Harvard St
Officers observed a vehicle, traveling southbound on Harvard St, with a missing front license plate. A query of the vehicle’s registration revealed that the registration had been cancelled and the vehicle was not registered and did not have insurance. Officers also observed that the vehicle's inspection sticker had expired. Following further investigation, a motor inventory search revealed a set of bolt cutters and a black scooter helmet. Driver was placed under arrest and charged with the following offenses:
Operating after Revocation (License), Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Attaching Number Plate, Number Plate Missing, Failure to Submit Vehicle for Inspection, Attaching Inspection Sticker, Possession of Burglarious Tools.

Operating After Revocation: 8/19 at 5:07pm - Beacon St
A random query of a vehicle's registration revealed that the registered owner had a suspended license. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for Operating After Suspension.

Bike Larceny: Occurred on 8/18 sometime between 11:00am & 10:00pm – Linden St
Officer responded to a resident on Linden Street for a report of a stolen bike. Owner of the bike states that her bike was parked in the rear of her house at the end of the driveway behind her grill, unlocked. 

Traffic Offenses: 8/16 at 8:30am - Hammond St and Woodland Rd
Officer was conducting traffic enforcement when a driver of a vehicle was traveling at a speed considered unreasonable, swerved around the stopped traffic in the left lane into the inside lane and caused the officer to jump out of the way to avoid getting struck. Driver will be issued a citation for Unsafe Lane Change.

Trespassing: 8/19 at 6:26pm – Beacon St
Officers responded for a suspicious person call. Caller observed a six foot tall, black male suspect within the trash receptacle at the rear of the building. Officers were unable to locate the suspect, nor the vehicle in which the subject used to leave the scene, but was able to retrieve identification from the license plate number. Suspect will be charged with Trespassing.

Operating After Suspension: 8/18 at 9:02pm - St. Paul St
Officer observed a vehicle with a missing front license plate. A query of the vehicle's registration revealed that the driver’s license was suspended. Further investigation revealed Marijuana in the center console of a vehicle. Driver will be charged with Operating after Suspension (License), Failure to Submit MV for inspection, Number Plate violation, Possession of One Ounce or Less of Marijuana.

MV Fire: 8/18 at 5:18pm - New Terrace Road
Officers were dispatched for a Motor Vehicle fire. The operator stated that he had just started the vehicle when all of a sudden he could smell burning wires. He and his family exited the vehicle when he saw flames coming out of the hood of his vehicle. All family members exited safely sustaining no injuries.

Loud Music/Party: 8/12 at 11:00pm - Strathmore Rd
Officers responded to a report of a loud party in the area. Officers heard loud talking and music coming from the area of the roof deck. All guests left the residence and the resident was issued a citation for Nuisance Control.

Single Vehicle Accident: 8/17 at 10:46pm – Lagrange St & Princeton Rd
Officers were dispatched to investigate a traffic crash. The vehicle was on its side after striking a town tree and pole. Driver was evaluated and taken to the hospital for further medical evaluation.

Shoplifting: 8/17 between 7:30pm & 8pm – Harvard St
Assistant store manager stated that a phone had been stolen from a store display. At this time there is no further information.

Shoplifting: 8/17 at 6:54pm – Boylston St
Officer was dispatched to investigate a report of a Shoplifting incident. Store owner stated that a female juvenile suspect stole a skateboard. 

Larceny: 8/16 at 8:00pm – Pleasant St
Victim states that he was in the process of moving items from his apartment to his new address when he returned to find items missing from his home.

Bike Larceny:
Officer was dispatched to Longwood Ave for a temporary tow zone violation. It was later revealed that the front wheel of the complainant’s bike was stolen. The bike was locked to the front railing of her building.

Assault: 8/17 at 12:05am – Beacon St
Units responded for a report of a past assault & battery.  Victim reported that he was the sidewalk outside his residence on Beacon Street when a subject approached him and removed an item from his pocket, possibly a knife. Subject is described as a black male, in his late-twenties or early-thirties, medium-dark complexion, 5'11", medium build, short/"natty" hair, and wearing jeans.

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