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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Police Reports 2/29-3/1

Arrest: Occurred on 3/1 at 2:20 AM- Beacon St.

At 1:02 AM, a passerby reported that the front window of a Beacon St. business had been smashed. A search of the vicinity did not produce any potential suspects. It appeared unlikely that the suspect had gained access to the business, although several items were reported missing. Officers remained fixed in front of the store until a key holder could arrive to take control of the store.

While waiting for a key holder to respond, an officer observed a male reach in through the broken window. The officer observed the individual remove a necklace from a display and place it in his pocket. The subject was placed under arrest for Larceny from a Building. He was additionally charged with two counts of Possession of Class E Drug.

Shoplifting: Occurred on 2/29 at 1:45 PM- Commonwealth Ave.

A CVS employee reported a shoplifter. An employee stated that he observed an individual place several items into a plastic bag and attempt to exit the store. The subject was placed under arrest for shoplifting.

Larceny: Occurred on 2/29 between 1:00 and 9:50 AM- Chestnut St.

A Chestnut St. resident reported a larceny. The victim stated that the rear tire, rim, hubcap, and lug nuts were removed from his vehicle.

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