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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Police Reports 1/30-1/31

Arrest: Occurred on 1/31 at 12:55 AM- Harvard St.

A blue Volvo sedan was travelling on Harvard St. without an inspection sticker. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Harvard St. A query of the operator revealed that he had a suspended driver’s license. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating after Suspension, Failure to submit vehicle for Inspection and Failure to secure child in Car seat.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/30 at 9:56 PM- Washington St./ Station St.

Officers observed a vehicle operating with no inspection sticker displayed on the front windshield. The officer conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Washington St. and Station St. A query of the operator indicated that he had a warrant out of Brookline District Court. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest.

Larceny: Occurred on 1/26- Aspinwall Ave.

An Aspinwall Ave. resident reported a past larceny. The victim stated that on Thursday January, 26, a package that had been delivered to her residence was stolen from her front porch. The victim stated that she had ordered an iPhone and it was delivered by FedEx, but when she arrived home the package was not on her porch.

Traffic Stop: Occurred on 1/30 at 5:50 PM- Boylston St.

A vehicle traveling on Boylston St. made an illegal U-turn, crossing over Cypress St. and continued on Boylston St. in the other direction. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Boylston St. A query of the registration revealed that it had been revoked. The driver was issued a citation for Revoked Insurance, Unregistered MV, Revoked Registration, and U-Turn Violation. The operator will be summonsed to court. Her vehicle was towed and the registration plates were seized.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/30 between 10:00 AM and 3:20 PM- Newton St.

Officers responded to a Newton St. residence for a report of a Breaking and Entering. The victim stated that she left her house at 10:00 AM and returned at 3:20 PM. The victim noticed that the glass on her side door was smashed and that the front door was open. Several rooms in the house had been ransacked. Items were reported stolen from two bedrooms.

Assault: Occurred on 1/30- Druce St.

An officer responded to Druce St. for a report of a past assault and battery. The victim works for a construction company, and he told police that he had been assaulted by a subcontractor on a construction site. The victim explained that the suspect was performing tests that involved driving a steel rod into soil. The victim told police that he had asked the suspect why he had performed the test incorrectly. The suspect responded by striking the victim in the head with the steel rod, knocking the hard hat off his head.
Two witnesses corroborated the victim’s account.

Based on the statements made by the victim and the witnesses, the suspect was placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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