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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


O.U.I.L Arrest

Occurred 11/23 at 12:18AM Harvard and Beacon
An Officer stops a vehicle for an equipment violation. The vehicle was not displaying both headlights. Further investigation revealed the subject had just left a Restaurant in Coolidge Corner. He was determined to be operating under the influence of Liquor. He was placed under arrest and his car was towed. He now faces the following charges.
M.G.L. 90:7 Defective Equipment (Passenger Headlight not Illuminated)
M.G.L. 90:24 Operating Under the Influence of Liquor

Assault Charges

Occurred 11/22 at 143PM on Washington Street
Officers responded to an apartment on Washington Street, a reported unwanted person. There had been a dispute between the resident and the contractor doing work in the apartment. Apparently this dispute had lead to an altercation prior to the officers arriving. Officers investigated and found evidence to support summonsing both parties into Brookline Court for Assault and Battery.

MotorVehicle Accident
Occurred on 11/22 at 2:37 PM –Independence Drive
A three car accident resulted as one vehicle stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. A vehicle in line failed to stop causing a chain reaction. One operator was taken to the Newton -Wellesley hospital for observation.

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