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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Receiving Stolen Property:

Occurred on 9/28 at 2:28 PM – 1180 Beacon St.

An individual riding a scooter crashed in the area and was transported to the hospital for a serious head injury. Witness observed him swerving before he fell. The scooter was towed

At 3:48, an individual approached an officer to inform him that his scooter had been stolen. He had parked his scooter between 2:40 and 3:00pm at 1180 Beacon. He then went into the doctor’s waiting room and looked out the window and noticed he could not see his scooter where he had left it.

The motor vehicle crash was reported at 2:48pm. The victim who reported identified the towed scooter a the station as his own. The crash victim, who is now the suspect in the stolen scooter case, will be arrested for Receiving Stolen Property.


Occurred on 9/28 at 8:45 AM – Colchester St.

Officers were dispatched for a reported B&E in progress. The suspect was described as a heavy set black male, with a mustache, wearing a blue baseball cap, blue jeans, and a small black back pack with a cast on his left arm. The caller, a caretaker, observed the male in the building and questioned his intent. The male said he was picking something up from a friend, and the friend’s name was one that was not recognizable to the caretaker. He then observed the male put a laptop and an iPod in his bag. He also had a large knife in his waistband. He was seen fleeing the area on a silver bicycle in an unknown direction. The resident was contacted and confirmed he was missing those items, and described the large knife as actually a WWI bayonet that was stored in an office. The suspect was unable to be located.

Occurred Overnight, 9/27-9/28 – Chestnut St.

Officers were dispatched for a report of larceny of prescription medications. Two prescription bottles in the victim’s name were stolen off his kitchen type table. He had gone out briefly and left his apartment door unlocked and unsecured.


Occurred on 9/27 at 1 PM – The Antique Company (311 Washington St.)

An employee at the antique company reported a larceny of a gold chain had occurred. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5'07" tall, between the ages of forties and fifties, with some facial hair, wearing a hat with a brim (but not necessarily a baseball style cap), carrying a backpack (possibly black in color) and unknown clothing description aside from his pants having side pockets. He left the store and the employee lost sight of the direction he took.

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