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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 6th- 8th

June 6th- 8th


Occurred at 6:25 PM (6/7) – Yarmouth Road

Officers responded to a report of unlicensed soliciting. Upon arrival officers learned that a male subject was soliciting magazines but was not properly licensed to do so in Brookline. Officers advised the subject and sent him on his way. Officers observed the same male subject walking in the wrong direction of where he stated he was going. Officers again advised the subject that he may not solicit and if he does it would result in arrest. Officers responded to another call of soliciting and reported to the address. Upon arrival they observed the same male subject trying to solicit magazines. The male was subsequently placed under arrest for willful violation of a town by law.


Occurred at 1:59 AM (6/7) – Fuller Street

Officers responded to a report of larceny of a motor vehicle. Upon arrival officers observed a vehicle missing three tires. The tires were later found and returned to the owner.

Motor Vehicle Theft:

Occurred between 5:40 PM (6/7) and 6:00 PM (6/7) – Babcock Street

Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle theft. Upon arrival officers found a vehicle blocking a driveway that was still running and had wired hanging from the ignition as if hotwired. The owner of the vehicle was advised of the theft and the vehicle was towed for safe keeping.

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