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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20th- 21st

June 20th- 21st


Occurred between 4:43 PM (6/20) and 5:15 PM (6/20) – Beacon Street

Officers responded to a report of a male subject trying to fill a fake prescription. Upon arrival officers spoke with the reporting person and learned that the subject had attempted to fill the fake prescription. When the reporting person saw the prescription he noticed items out of place that lead him to believe that it was a false prescription. The reporting person then faxed the prescription to the hospital that allegedly wrote the prescription and they confirmed that it was indeed a fake. The prescription was confiscated and the subject was subsequently placed under arrest for uttering and forgery.

Occurred between 1:54 AM (6/21) and 2:30 AM (6/21) – Boylston Street

Officers were patrolling the area when they observed a vehicle take an abrupt turn at a high rate of speed causing the tires to screech. Upon the traffic stop officers learned that the subject’s license to operate in Massachusetts was suspended. The subject was informed and subsequently placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

Uttering and Forgery:

Occurred between 12:30 AM (6/10) and 2:00 AM (6/11) – Boylston Street

Officers were patrolling the area when they observed what seemed to be a dispute between two subjects at a local gas station. Upon arrival officers learned that there had been a prior incident that caused the two subjects to have words with one another. The employee of the gas station claimed that a week earlier a subject had came into the service station and asked for change for a twenty. When the employee gave change to the subject he realized that the twenty that was provided to him felt and appeared different. The employee used a pen that detects counterfeit money on the twenty and discovered it was indeed counterfeit. The subject had already left, so the employee’s boss informed him that the next time the subject came to the station to take down the license plate number of the subject. When the subject returned, the employee did what he was instructed to do. The subject became agitated and questioned what the employee was doing writing down the license plate number of the vehicle he was in. That is when the officers arrived. Officers observed the twenty dollar bill and confirmed that the bill was a fake. Officers requested that the subject be summonsed to court for uttering and forgery of counterfeit money.

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