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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9th- 10th

March 9th- 10th


Occurred between 9:45 AM (3/9) and 9:50 AM (3/9) – Harvard Street/ Pierce Street

An Officer was traveling on foot on Peirce Street when he observed a female subject chasing after a male subject. As the officer approached the two subjects he witnessed a woman’s purse fall from the male subject’s coat. After interviewing the victim, she stated that she was at the local church and had placed her purse in an unoccupied office. When she heard noise coming from the office she looked and saw a male subject leaving the building and her purse was missing. She chased after him and questioned the male subject. At that point the male raised his hands up and the purse dropped from him coat. The subject was placed under arrests for larceny from a building.

Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle:

Occurred at 3:44 PM (3/9) – Browne Street/ St. Paul Street

Officers responded to a report of a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle that was in progress. Upon arrival the victim stated he heard smashing glass outside. When he looked outside he saw a male subject crawling through the window of a vehicle. He then witnessed the subject run away. He described the male subject to be short in height, wearing blue jeans, a dark colored jacket and a red hat or hood of some kind. Police searched the vehicle for evidence and noticed the front passenger side window to be smashed with shattered glass on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. There also appeared to be small dents to the outside of the vehicle. No evidence or fingerprints were able to be detected from the vehicle. One item from the vehicle was taken. Officers patrolled the area looking for any suspects that matched the description given by the witness. One suspect was stopped and questioned but the witness was unable to confirm the identity of the suspect and was sent on his way. Police will follow up on this investigation and encourage all residence to avoid leaving valuables insight or in their vehicles.


Occurred between 9:15 AM (3/9) and 7:30 PM (3/9) – Egmont Street

Officers responded to a report of burglary. Upon arrival the victims stated that two of the three roommate’s laptops were missing when they arrived home from work. Upon investigation officers learned that it appeared someone had entered the apartment through a small ground level window and exited through the rear door. All of the roommates stated that the rear door was locked when they left in the morning and was unlocked when they arrived home. There were no other reports or calls of any suspicious activity. Officers will follow up on this investigation.


Occurred between 9:46 PM (3/9) and 1:01 AM (3/10) – Bellingham Road/ Grove Street

Officers responded to a report of trouble with a fire alarm circuit. Upon investigation officers traced the location of the trouble to a Verizon Telephone pole, located near the corner of Grove Street and Bellingham Road. He observed two sections of copper cables running from the Fire alarm box that is usually affixed to the pole had been cut eight feet above the ground and near the base of the pole. There is no further information on suspects or vehicles involved. The intent of this incident may be for the trade in value of copper at this time. Officers are requesting a follow up.

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