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Friday, March 5, 2010

March 4th


Occurred 1:34PM (3/4) – 269 Harvard St.

Police executed a traffic stop for a driving violation. Upon identifying the driver, it was discovered that his license was suspended and that he had an active arrest warrant issued by Dedham Court. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest.

Occurred 5:05PM (3/4) – Mountfort St./Commonwealth Ave.

Police performed a traffic stop for a driving violation. The driver stated that she did not have a license. Upon confirmation of her license status, the driver was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle not duly licensed.


Occurred 6:59PM (3/4) – Tappan St./Beaconsfield Rd.

Police responded to a report of a suspect tagging a mailbox. The caller stated that the suspect exited from the passenger’s side of a vehicle and proceeded to mark the mailbox. The tag was similar to many that had been placed throughout the area.


Occurred 7:01PM (3/4) – Sherman Rd.

Resident reported to police that she has previously been a victim to ID fraud and believes the same thing is happening now. She stated that false accounts were being created under Washington Mutual (now JP-Morgan) and believes another checking and savings account has been formed. Police are following up on the case.

Malicious Damage

Occurred 9:00AM (3/4) – Brookline Cemetery Walnut St.

Police responded to a report of malicious damage to town property. The complainants, Parks and Recreation employees, stated that they received a call in the morning that there was damage to numerous headstones in a town cemetery. They also observed beer cans strewn around the cemetery. Police are following up on the case.


Occurred between 10:00PM (3/3) and 8:53AM (3/4) – 22 Chestnut Pl.

Police responded to a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim stated that when he approached his vehicle in the morning, he noticed that his left front tire and rim were missing and a cinderblock was left propping up the vehicle. Police are following up on the case.

Breaking and Entering and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle

Occurred between 7:00AM (2/26) and 4:51PM (3/6) – Welland Rd.

Victim reported to police that his locked vehicle had been broken into. Just change was missing from the center console. Police are following up on the case.

Weapons Violation

Occurred 9:05PM (3/3) – 361 Washington St.

Police responded to a report of a possible firearm found at the Brookline Public library. The caller stated that he moved a jacket that was on a table and felt heavy item in the pocket. Police located a handgun, with ammunition, and a cell phone inside the jacket pockets. Detectives were able to identify the suspect from surveillance video. Detectives visited the suspect’s home and he was subsequently arrested for unlawful possession of a large capacity firearm, improper storage of a firearm, carrying a firearm while under the influence of liquor and possession of ammunition.

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