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Friday, February 26, 2010

February 25th


  • Occurred 1:33AM to 1:50AM (2/25) – Boylston St./Hammond St.

Police observed a man walking in the middle of the street in dangerously foggy conditions. Upon identifying the man, it was discovered that he had a warrant out of Cambridge. The man was subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred between 6:35AM and 7:10AM (2/25) – 270 Boylston St.

Police executed a traffic stop for a driving violation. Upon identification, the driver was found to have a suspended license. He was arrested for operating after suspension.


  • Occurred between 12:15AM and 2:40AM (2/25) – 64 Westbourne Tr.

Police responded to a report of alarm activation at the Driscoll School. The screens of numerous windows had been removed and it appeared that a break in had occurred. Police are following up on the case.


  • Occurred between 10:27AM (2/9) and 10:27AM (2/25) – Prince St.

Police responded to a report of identity theft. The victim stated that he had received a rejection letter for an American Express credit card, but he has never applied for one. After further investigation, it was found that five applications for credit were made with his information. Police are following up on the case.

  • Occurred between 2:30 PM (2/19) and 10:30AM (2/20) – Dana St.

Police responded to a report of larceny. The victim stated that when she woke up and went to put on her watch in the morning she discovered it missing. Besides her family, the only other person in the house the night before was a cable technician. Police are following up on the case.

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