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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4th


  • Occurred 12:17PM (1/4) – 300 South St.

Police were called to an altercation occurred between two people at the Bournewood Hospital. One man got upset with another over cigarette smoke while outside. Police requested a hearing for assault.


  • Occurred between 9:59AM (11/23) and 9:59AM (12/30) – Green St.

Police responded to reports of credit card fraud. Someone posing as the victim opened a Walmart credit card and purchased a substantial amount of items, even providing a social security number. Walmart informed the victim that the credit card has been cancelled.


  • Occurred 11:06AM (1/4) – Clinton Rd.

Police responded to a call from the victim of a breaking and entering in progress. The victim described the suspect as a Hispanic male wearing a dark jacket, wool hat, and carrying a green laptop bag. Officers spotted the suspect running towards and getting into a train at the Beaconsfield MBTA T-Stop. Officers escorted the suspect off the train. Officers placed the suspect under arrest for breaking and entering.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 8:00AM and 12:05PM (1/4) – 240 Kent St.

Victim returned to her parked car to find that the rear window had been smashed. No entry into the vehicle was attempted since the smashed glass in had not been removed from the window.

Motor Vehicle Theft

  • Occurred between 9:30AM and 12:13PM (1/4) – 1168 Commonwealth Ave.

Police responded to a reported stolen vehicle from the rear parking lot of Herb Chambers. The vehicle was about to go in for service and the keys were left inside. Two employees witnessed a Black male, wearing glasses and in his mid-30’s, walking towards the back parking lot and later driving away in the stolen vehicle.

  • Occurred between 8:50PM and 8:55PM (1/4) – 1195 Boylston St.

Police responded to a reported stolen vehicle from the CVS parking lot. The victim put the keys in his center console and left his 13 year old son in the vehicle. The son got out of the vehicle to join his father in the store and the vehicle was stolen. Along with the vehicle, a laptop computer and baseball equipment were also taken.

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