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Monday, December 14, 2009

December 10th- 13th


  • Occurred at 3:03AM(12/12) – 66 Winchester St

Witnesses called police for a disturbance in front of the building. Upon arrival police did not see any altercations but a man did approach the police and stated that he was a victim of an earlier assault. He was assaulted by a passenger in his cab, the passenger also ripped out the monitor in the cab. The monitor was later found and will be processed for finger prints. Police will be following up on this case.

Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 6:30PM and 10:30 PM(12/10) – 33 Pond Ave

Victim reports that his front passenger window had been smashed out. Nothing appeared to have been taken but it is believed that the entry was made because of the suction cup GPS stand that was still on the car windshield.


  • Occurred between 2:00PM(12/1) and 3:40PM(12/10) – 876 Commonwealth Ave

An electric worker reports that upon retuning to the worksite he noticed that a copper electrical cable, approximately 500 feet in length was cut from the site. It is believed that someone gained access to the work site after working hours and took the wire. Those who had access will be questioned.

  • Occurred between 7:30AM(12/11) and 10:15AM(12/12) – 22 Sheafe St

Victim reports that their snow blower had been stolen out of their yard. The snow blower was chained and under a tarp; the chain was broken.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred at 3:20PM(12/12) – 38 Linden St

A witness saw two young males smash the mirror on a car. The witness called the police who through some investigating found the suspects and summonsed them to court.


  • Occurred between 10:30PM and 11:00PM(12/10) – Summit Ave

Victim reports that as he was walking two males were walking behind him and then grabbed him on either side. The victim struggled with the two males but they took his backpack which contained his laptop. Police are following up on this case.

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