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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Police Reports November 5th-8th

  • Occurred at 1:03 pm (11/06) Longwood Ave

Officers made an arrest for operating on a suspended license.

Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle

  • Occurred between 4:30PM(11/4) and 7:00AM(11/9) – 44 Payson Rd

Victim reports that their GPS and some cash were taken out of their vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked during the time the items were taken. Police are following up on this case.


  • Occurred between 12:00 pm (10/28) and 5:00 pm (10/28) Newton St

Victim reports that a musical instrument was taken from their garage.

  • Occurred between 1:20PM and 1:30PM(11/6) – 1382 Beacon St

Victim reports that a suspect entered into the store, tried on a few items and left the store without paying for those items. The suspect was caught on the surveillance video. Detectives are following up on this case.

  • Occurred at 5:02PM(11/7) – 1309 Beacon St

Victim reported that a suspect, who was currently still in the store, had placed two pairs of jeans in a duffle bag. When the officer asked the suspect for identification, the suspect tried to flee the store. The officer was able to catch and detain the suspect. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting and other charges.

Malicious Damage

Occurred between 7:30PM(11/6) and 3:05PM(11/7) – 31 Westbourne St

Victim reports that upon returning to their vehicle their windshield was cracked. A piece of concrete was found on the car which appeared to be the source of the crack. Police are following up on this case.

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