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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 10th – 11th 2008

Breaking and Entering/ Larceny MV

  • Occurred between 6:10AM (11/10) and 6:30AM (11/10) – 1040 Beacon St

Victim reported that upon returning to her vehicle she observed that her wallet was missing. Victim reports that she had left her vehicle unlocked. Nothing else appeared to be missing.

  • Occurred between 12:00PM (10/08) and 8:00AM (11/10) – 850 Commonwealth Ave

Reporting party states that he observed damage done to a vehicle he was servicing at his place of employment. He observed that someone had cut through the roof of the vehicle and noticed that the glove compartment had been rummaged through. After notifying the owner, it appears that nothing was missing from the vehicle.


  • Occurred between 11:30AM(11/10) and 6:30PM (11/10) – 44 St Paul St

Victim reported that upon reviewing her bank statement she observed that there were several fraudulent purchases made to her account. After checking her purse she observed that her wallet was missing. She reported last seeing her wallet at 1 Brookline Place. Nothing else appeared to be missing.

  • Occurred between 11:00PM (11/10) and 3:00AM (11/11) – 76 Babcock St

Victim reported that upon returning to retrieve his bicycle which he parked at a Devotion street sign he observed that the bike and lock were both missing. The bicycle is described as an orange spray painted bike with taped handle bars valued at $150.

  • Occurred between 4:00PM (11/07) and 8:00AM (11/11) – 930 Commonwealth Ave

Reporting party states that someone had removed $65 in cash from an envelope stored in a locked safe at her place of employment. An investigation is underway.


  • Occurred at 8:13PM (11/11) – 10 Browne St

Police officers on patrol stopped three individuals who matched the description of suspects seen breaking into various motor vehicles. After being positively identified by witnesses police arrested all three suspects. Recovered was a stolen Garmin GPS Unit. The suspects broke into a total of three motor vehicles.

  • Occurred at 5:02PM (11/11) – 1 Muddy River

An officer on foot patrol observed an individual consuming an illegal substance on a park bench. Further investigation revealed that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The suspect was arrested for the warrant and was charged with inhaling a substance releasing a toxic vapor.


  • Occurred between 4:30PM (11/11) and 7:14PM (11/11) – 253 Kent St

Reporting party states that she noticed that her landlord’s door had been kicked in and observed a light skinned male walk out into the driveway. A search revealed that two other apartments were also broken into and an attempt was on another. Suspect could not be located and it is unclear if anything is missing.

  • Occurred at 5:25PM (11/11) – 107 Dean St

Victim reported that he heard noises in his house during the night and upon waking up he observed an unknown person in his home. After confronting the individual the suspect fled the home. The front door of the house had been left unlocked and it appeared nothing was missing. The suspect is described as a black middle- aged male, 5’9” wearing dark colored clothing with a dark colored puffy coat.

Found Property

  • Occurred at 12:04PM (11/10) – 17 Auburn St

An officer retrieved a child’s bicycle that was left discarded in front of a house for three days. For retrieval please contact the Brookline Police Department.

  • Occurred at 1:52PM (11/07) – 83 Longwood Av e

An officer retrieved a bicycle that had been left discarded at 83 Longwood Ave. For retrieval please contact the Brookline Police Department.

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