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Monday, August 11, 2008

August 8th - 10th Police Reports

Graffiti Law

  • Occurred between 1:00AM (8/08) and 6:00AM (8/08) – High St

Reporting party states that sometime in the early morning someone painted graffiti on the side of her apartment building. The letters “BSB” and “Scovv” were written on the wall with blue paint. The letters “BSB” were also written on the side of a dumpster opposite her building.

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (8/08) and 7:30AM (8/09) – 50 Winchester St

Owner reports that sometime overnight someone gain access to the locked front foyer of his building and sprayed painted the interior lobby doors, mirrors and two paintings with red paint.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 1:00PM (8/08) and 6:00PM (8/08) Reservoir Rd/ Heath St

Victim reports that after returning to her vehicle she observed that the right rear side window had been smashed. Nothing appeared to be missing.

  • Occurred between 8:30PM (8/08) and 3:45PM (8/09) – 210 Middlesex Rd

Police were dispatched to a report of damage done to a vehicle. Upon arrival police observed inappropriate words scratched into the paint on the front hood of the car.


  • Occurred at 6:23PM (8/09) – 900 Commonwealth Ave (CVS)

Store employee reports that he observed an individual enter the store and walk straight into the skin and hair products aisle. He then observed the suspect conceal 8 bottles of various shampoos and conditioners into a bag and start walking towards the door. Suspect was stopped and later placed under arrest for shoplifting.

  • Occurred between 7:00AM (8/08) and 6:58AM (8/09) – 46 Hallwood Rd

Victim reports that sometime overnight 3 copper downspouts that were attached to his garage had been stolen.

  • Occurred between 4:00PM (8/09) and 11:34PM ( 8/09) – 166 Thorndike St

Victim reports that his son’s silver Treck Mountain bike was stolen from the foyer area of his apartment. The bike was placed on the first floor, and was secured on the railing with a Kryptonite lock. There were several pry marks found on the front door of the foyer area.


  • Occurred at 12:18PM (8/10) – 599 Brookline Ave (Lynch Center)

Officers responded to a business alarm that had been triggered. Upon arrival officers observed that the side door’s window panel had been smashed in and the door was slightly opened. Nothing appeared to be missing from the center.


  • Occurred at 8:50PM (8/10) – Thornton Rd

Officers responded to a call of a dispute. When they arrived they talked to a male individual who reported that he and his wife had an argument and that sometime during the dispute she had punched him in the face. She was placed under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

  • Occurred at 1:01AM (8/08) – Kent St

Officers responded to a complaint of a dispute occurring at a parking lot. Upon arrival officers met with a witness that reported seeing a male and female arguing next to a vehicle and observed the man hit and damage the vehicle. The man was placed under arrest for domestic assault and battery and malicious destruction of property.

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