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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 28th Police Reports


  • Occurred between 10:00PM (7/27) and 10:00AM (7/28) – 174 Harvard St

Victim reports that sometime overnight his motorized bicycle was stolen. The bicycle was locked with a ½ inch cable lock. Victim stated that the motor bicycle has a missing right side running panel and has yellow stickers on the head lights.

  • Occurred between 9:00AM (7/22) and 2:00PM (7/22) - 39 Prince St

Victim reports that sometime early morning her auto – brake bicycle had been taken from her garage. The garage had been left open and the bicycle was unlocked at the time. Bike is valued at $300.


  • Occurred at 5:59PM (7/28) – 1309 Beacon St

Officers were dispatched to a store after its panic alarm had been triggered. Upon arrival officers meet with the store owner who stated that the women by the front door stole some items. After questioning the women it was revealed that she had two stolen items in her bag. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting.

  • Occurred between 4:18PM (7/28) and 4:35PM (7/28) – Station St

Police were dispatched to a location where they observed three males in an alley. After approaching them officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from their location. Further investigation revealed that one of the men was in possession of a Class D substance. He was placed under arrest.

  • Occurred between 5:25PM (7/28) and 5:55PM (7/28) – Longwood Ave/ Harvard St

Officer on patrol observed a driver operating a motorcycle without a helmet. After stopping the driver further investigation revealed that the driver’s right to operate a motor vehicle had been suspended. Driver was arrested and charged with operating after suspension, helmet law violation and for having an unregistered/uninsured MV.

  • Occurred at 8:52PM (7/28) – High St

Police were dispatched to a report of a group of people fighting in a courtyard. Officer’s arrived and observed two females arguing. Further investigation revealed that one of the women hit the other women who were later identified as her daughter. She was placed under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Attempted Burglary

  • Occurred between 7:30AM (7/28) and 5:25PM (7/28) – 115 Westbourne St

Victim returned home and observed holes in her rear kitchen window. She also noticed a glass candle holder broken on the floor and a salad bowl also on the floor. At the front porch there was another screen that was broken in the same manner as the rear screen. Nothing appeared to be missing.

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