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Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 16th Police Reports

April 16, 2008

Indecent Assault

  • Occurred between 1:44 PM and 2:10 PM 1302 Beacon St.

Victim reports that while she was in the dressing room at Mint Julip a man walked into the dressing room that she was in and indecently assaulted her. The victim described the suspect as a light skinned Hispanic man in his 30’s, 5’5, medium built, with dark short hair, wearing sunglasses, white dirty sneakers, an old grey t-shirt, with blue writing that the victim believes had Nike imprinted on it and blue jeans.


  • Occurred at 3:00 AM 1168 Commonwealth Ave.

Subject was arrested on a default warrant.

Police while on patrol noticed a man enter the Herb Chambers dealership lot. Police continued to observe the man until they heard the alarm system sound at which point they approached the subject. After running a check on the subject they discovered a default warrant for his arrest.


  • Occurred between 5:00 AM 4/12 and 12:42 PM 4/13 37-39 Carlton St.

Victim reports that when she was dropped off by a taxi, she realized that she had left her cell phone inside the taxi cab. She stated that when she contacted her cell phone provider they informed her that several unauthorized international call were made to Haiti.

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