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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 24th Police Reports

January 24, 2008


  • Occurred at 6:15 PM 242 Washington St.

Jon Adams, 27 yrs, was arrested and charged with armed robbery

Daniel Vacarro, 28 yrs, was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

On Saturday morning, the twenty sixth day of January 2008, the Brookline Police arrested two subjects that had committed two armed robberies within our town during the previous week. These armed robberies were very similar in the physical actions taken to commit the crimes and similar descriptions of the subjects that had committed the crimes. These two crimes were believed to be a trend that was beginning to occur in our town.

In the latest crime that occurred on the 24Th of January at 242 Washington St., forensic evidence (a latent fingerprint) was obtained from the cash register positively identifying one of the subjects. As a result, a location he was believed to be temporarily staying at was put under surveillance. An arrest warrant was obtained for his person and upon successfully executing the warrant, a second subject fitting the description of the second culprit involved was located at the same address. The location was 21 Child St. Jamaica Plain, Ma.

Upon further investigation, the subjects were positively identified as the ones that had committed the two armed robberies and had stated that they were addicted to crack-cocaine as to the reason for committing the crimes. The arrests of these two drug addicted subjects are believed to have prevented a series of similar armed robberies within our town, as these two criminals tried to support their drug habit.

The two subjects that were arrested were a Jon Adams who is a 27 year old black male originally from Fall River, Ma. and a Daniel Vaccaro a 28 year old white male listed as homeless. Both subjects were just staying at the Jamaica Plain address temporarily

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