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Monday, October 1, 2007

September 29th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 1:03AM (9/29)- Crowninshield Road/ Elba Street 5351

Kenshu Kido, 19 yrs, was arrested and charged with Possession of a Class D substance (Marijuana).

Sean McCarthy, 19 yrs, was arrested and charged with Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana) and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Police on patrol observed two people on the sidewalk one with an open container of beer, while speaking with the suspects the officer saw a Marijuana cigarette which was still burning near the feet of the suspects. Both were subsequently arrested.

  • Occurred at 5:25PM (9/29)- Beacon Street/ Fairbanks Street 5365

Brian Pasquale, 25 yrs, was arrested and charged with Operating while Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor, and Harsh Noise (horn).

Officers on patrol noticed a vehicle traveling while constantly blowing its horn at pedestrians, the passenger of the vehicle was seen leaning out of the window and extending his middle finger to people on the sidewalk. After stopping the vehicle officers determined that its driver was under the influence of alcohol, he was subsequently arrested.


  • Occurred at 2AM (9/29)- 320 St. Paul Street

Police on patrol noticed a large group of people outside a residence making excessive noise and drinking alcoholic beverages. Police approached the apartment and after breaking up the party informed the two homeowners they would be summonsed to court for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

  • Occurred between 2:21AM and 2:52AM (9/29)- 319 St. Paul Street

Police on patrol came into contact with an extremely intoxicated male who they had previously ordered to leave the area. After placing the suspect in protective custody, a routine inventory search of his persons yielded a fake drivers license. He will be summonsed to court for Possession of an Altered License.

  • Occurred at 5:30PM (9/29)- Harvard Street./Peirce Street

Two drivers became involved in a road rage altercation, with one of the subjects throwing coffee in the window of the other, that driver responded by exiting her vehicle and striking the vehicle with an umbrella. Both drivers will be summonsed to court for the charges of Assault and Battery, and Destruction of Personal Property.


  • Occurred between 8PM (9/28) and 2AM (9/29)- 280 Harvard Street

Victim reports sometime overnight his bike had been stolen from its secured location; the bike is described as a blue mountain bike valued at $360.

  • Occurred between 7PM (9/28) and 9:49AM (9/29)- 120 Salisbury Road

Victim reports that sometime overnight his White Mongoose mountain bike was stolen from his back porch. The bike is valued at $250.

Occurred between 6:46PM and 10PM (9/29) - 182 Harvard Street

Victim reports that his vehicles passengers’ window was smashed and his GPS navigation system valued at $599 was stolen from the dashboard.


  • Occurred at 1:18PM (9/29)- 60 Clearwater Road

Victim reports receiving an unordered credit card from an unknown company with an outstanding bill of $750, this case is still under investigation.


  • Occurred between 4:30PM and 9PM (9/29)- 428 Boylston Street

Victim reports that while they were gone their back door had been forced open by an unknown suspect and a laptop computer valued at $1300 had been stolen from their upstairs bedroom.

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