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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 30th Police Reports


  • Occurred at 4:24PM (7/30) - 525 Harvard Street

Shellane Dowdie was arrested and charged with Shoplifting, and providing a false name to the police.

Officers responded to a call of a shoplifter at TJ Maxx department store. The security guard there had detained Dowdie after seeing the suspect put several TJ Maxx items into her bag with the tags still on them. When the police questioned Dowdie she gave them a false name. She was subsequently arrested.

  • Latoya Thomas was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Officers responded to a report of a shoplifter at TJ Maxx. Upon arrival they interview Shellane Dowdie who was later arrested. After her arrest Police question her accomplice Latoya Thomas whose bag contained several items stolen from TJ Maxx. Thomas was subsequently arrested.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred between 6PM (7/28) and 8AM (7/30) - 1786 Beacon Street

Officers responded to a call of a past vandalism. The victim reported that when he arrived at work Monday morning he found the lock to his business filled with superglue. The monetary amount to replace the locks is unknown.


  • Occurred between 1:34PM (7/16) and 1:34PM- 70 Pearl Street

The victim a war veteran reported that his two Bronze Star medals were stolen from his apartment sometime over the week. These bronze stars cannot be assessed for monetary value.

  • Occurred between 9AM (7/28) and 5:23PM (7/30) - 220 High Street

Victim reported sometime over the weekend her license plates were stolen from her parked vehicle.


  • Occurred between 4:45PM and 5:45PM (7/30)- 62 Harvard Street

The victim reported that sometime while working out at the gym her locker was forced open and the lock was broken. Taken from the locker was the woman’s wallet. The value of the wallet is unknown.

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